Interactive Art & Science Shows. Visualizing Wonder!

Art + Science = Magic

Power to the People

The Ministry of Curiosity consists of a passionate, visionary and dynamic team of creative thinkers and doers with elastic minds who all share the same desire – to make the world a better place. The universality of visualization gives us at The Ministry of Curiosity the freedom to work outside the contrived boundaries between people and institutions, thereby uniting art, science and knowledge in one concept.

The Ministry of Curiosity works to spread knowledge about science, research and discoveries by taking them out of the lab and making them available to many of us in our everyday life in an entertaining and funny way. By visualizing new discoveries, science and information, we create a map that anyone can explore. We experiment with light, sound, movement, illusions and spatial awareness. Our mindblowing films, shows and experiments become experiences that celebrate innovation, creativity and diversity. With curiosity, facts and reflection as tools, we take on the greatest global challenges such as the environment, sustainability, energy, innovation, medicine and justice.

Our concept is a collaboration between filmmakers, scientists, philosophers, behavioral scientists, engineers, and visualization designers. The result will be boundary-crossing visualization solutions where science and statistics surprise, inspire, astonish, shock and entertain in an effective manner.

The Ministry of Curiosity’s foundations Visualizations, Films and Shows/Experiments can be seen as we combine circles of Art and Science. In the overlapping area, we place all that we are curious about and want to visualize, understand and communicate - and out comes Magic!

We break down geographical barriers and the traditional limitations of class, age, nationality and education with "The Ministry of Curiosity" – on the way to a better future with pop-up shows and films in unexpected environments.

Embark on a journey of curiosity!