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I am:

Visualization and Performance Artist

Innovator, speaker, storyteller, futurist, performance and visualization artist, educator, experimental developer, creative director, urban thinker, workshops leader. Creating breakthrough visualizations – Curiosity 4 All.

A passion of mine is visualizing innovation and information – science, facts, ideas, themes, issues, statistics, questions – all with a minimum of words. I’m interested in how to visualize science that can help us understand the world. We can make things better – challenge yourself. Innovation is the key to a bright future. Ideas that will change the world. My wish is to amaze, inspire and spread wonder about our universe and our unique place in it for a better future for everyone.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler" – Albert Einstein

What I offer: Making Sense of Science

Let science, statistics and facts come to vivid life through interactive shows and workshops based on art, science and technology. I believe that the future depends on the innovations of scientists, and I am passionate about visualizing their work and dynamically telling their story with a magical twist. Learn through the experience of breakthrough ideas and concepts at the frontiers of science. I wish to emphasize that science is magical in the best sense, being spellbinding, exciting and full of wonder!

innovative ideas

Shows and Workshops – Curiosity driven Science

Experience art and science in action and explore innovative experiments in my live shows with opportunities for interaction in both the shows and the following workshops. I offer audiences the opportunity to engage with science face-to-face in a relaxed environment. There is something to interest and engage all ages of visitors in the hands-on workshops. In our society there needs to be more interaction between people in science labs and people in the streets. The more we know the less likely we are to be manipulated by others.

I can bring my mind blowing shows, workshops with practical experiments, and interactive exhibits of photographic images to: your museum, school or community group, your festivals, courses, special events, conferences and science shows.

I wish to engage people at multiple levels through interaction with our environment, nature and human nature. I create a platform for communicating science at all levels to people of all ages. A collaboration with diverse experiments to gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

My mission is to surprise and inspire global audiences. Challenge the boundaries of art, science and technology, including everyone in the world of wonder and science. To bridge the gap between art and science. I break down geographical barriers and the traditional limitations of class, age, nationality and education by creating interactive shows that inspire people to take action – now! Science is for everyone!

Idea and Concept – Power to the People

  • It is fun, educational, enlightening, and tickles your curiosity. Practical science experience will transform the participant’s way of seeing and thinking about the world – Free Thinkers!
  • I put emphasis on sustainability through hands-on science workshops for all ages.
  • I aim to visualize great ways of communication from scientists and engineers, so that their work effectively can be shared with people in the streets – How can research be of use if it is not communicated and understandable for everyone?
  • I create and implement workshops that offer new approaches for teaching science through the arts = Making sense of the world!

Topics – Reveal the Invisible

  • Sustainability – Smart Energy Solutions – Think a little, Change a lot.
  • Capabilities of the thermal camera – Inspiring, important and fun topics in the field of the thermal camera.
  • See the Sea – Global warming.
  • All visitors get a personal and unique thermal image emailed to themselves with a special message from the event.
  • Did you know that you can paint with ice? Come and try.

Business Event

  • Hide & Seek – How one can camouflage oneself or hide from a thermal camera. Try on Harry Potter’s invisible cloak. An invisibility cloak is a magical garment which renders whatever it covers unseeable.
  • Lost & Found – Find people and objects from a far distance, see right through bags, textiles, darkness, fog, smoke and much more.


Workshops – Curiosity 4 All

  • Imagine... What if... Come and participate, explore and learn, tickle your curiosity and open your mind, have passion, and think diversity.
  • Customized versions of the interactive shows are specialized for all kinds of audiences such as schools, seminar groups, businesses and corporations – at special events, festivals and seminars. The show in the video is for children (target group 8-12 years.)
  • Consultancy: I work together with teachers and educators to adapt study materials to their schools/museums.
  • Language: Applications in Swedish and English – I’m open minded to working with translators for other languages.
  • Place – Beyond the classroom: Live experiments where participants can take part in the workshops either at their schools or at science museums, science centers, science festivals, seminars, public talks, public domains.

Photography Exhibition – Wow! The Most Amazing Images!

  • A unique photographic exhibition that displays gas and infrared images consisting of themes from our environment, nature and human nature.
  • The photo exhibition complements my thermal show and they share the same idea and concept which completes the circle.
  • Unique innovative pictures of gas and thermal images that you probably have never seen before. They will appear in large light-boxes at your museum/school or event before, during and after the show. The photos are very eye-catching and are based on inspiring themes. These photos are ideal as promotion for your event.

in progress

Facts – Thermography

  • The thermal imaging camera is a Swedish invention and takes measuring temperature to the next level – instead of getting a number for the temperature, you get a colour picture showing the temperature differences of a surface. Thermal imaging, also known as thermography is a technique for producing an image of invisible infrared light emitted by objects. Thermal imaging cameras provide rapid environmentally friendly scanning of different surfaces.

Relevant Works & Education

SciFest Uppsala Science Festival – "Interactive Science, Art and Technology Show"
The International Science Festival Göteborg – "Interactive Science, Art and Technology Show" – Global Climate Change
Nobelmuseum, Science Center – "Interactive Science, Art and Technology Show"
Science Center Malmo, Science Festival – "Interactive Science, Art and Technology Show" – Global Climate Change
Future Week Norrkoping – "Interactive Science, Energy and Climate Show"
The Swedish Museum of Natural History – "Interactive Art & Science Show with a twist of Magic" – Global Climate Change
Tom Tits Experiment, Science Center – "Interactive Science, Art and Technology Show"
World Expo 2010 in Shanghai – "Better City, Better Life" – Creative Director
Mälardalen University – Innovation: Creativity tools and processes
Serious Request/Sweden – Creative Director
University College of Music Education in Stockholm – Storytelling
Swedish Television – Mystery of Greveholm’s castle – Grammy Awards – Set Designer
KTH Royal Institute of Technology – ”Passion for Innovation” – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Tällberg Foundation – ”How On Earth Can We Live Together” – Interactive & Future Science Event
Almedalen – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Art Festival Stockholm – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Art Festival Gothenburg – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Culture Night at the Cultural Centre Stockholm – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Culture Night in Norrkoping – "Interactive Sustainable & Science Show. Visualizing Wonder!" – Future of Living
Malmo City festival – Interactive & Sustainable Event
HSB Climate Train – Interactive, Sustainable & Future Science Event
Earth Hour Haninge – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Earth Hour Tyreso – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Art Festival Norrkoping – Interactive & Sustainable Event
Flir Systems AB – "Interactive & Sustainable Event"

Imagine influencing the future – You can, we can – Together!