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Warm Human wrapped with Cold Blooded Snake

Heat – World of Wonder – Where Art & Science Collide

I am Omi – and I invite you to a breathtaking journey of shared discovery and wonder. Come and participate, explore and tickle your curiosity. I open elastic minds to amazing new ideas and perspectives of the world we live in. My shows are mind blowing and celebrate innovation, creativity and diversity by combining fun enlightening experiments with themes of science, nature and technology. Imagine influencing the future – You can, we can – Together! My wish is to amaze, inspire and spread wonder about our universe for a better future. Embark on a journey of curiosity and enjoy your adventure!

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Light – Glow in the Dark – an Art and Science Show through Evolution

A discovery journey with dance and performing arts, that will take you from the beginning of life, through evolution, and out into the cosmos. A journey that took billions of years and is still ongoing through natural selection. Why did humans become the dominant species on earth? The explanation lies within our bodies, in our DNA. Properties such as curiosity, adaptability and creativity have given homo sapiens an advantage and we are aiming for the stars.

Taking Curiosity to a New Level!

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Credit: MODIS Instrument Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

See the Sea

Not far away, on the same planet, near you, there's a brightly coloured world full of wonder – the World of the Infrared. The thermal camera detects infrared radiation that we humans, the oceans and everything around us emit, and converts it into a colour code like a thermometer. Discover a super advanced innovation, see global warming, typhoons and hurricanes over the oceans.

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